Pocky K.O. — A New Way to Play Street Fighter V
The rules are simple.

Knock out your opponent when your health gauge matches up with the chocolate-to-biscuit stick ratio on a Pocky.
Take a screenshot of the K.O. screen and upload to the Pocky K.O. Checker site to see if you've achieved a Pocky K.O.!

Introducing Street Fighter V Pocky Edition, available at the world’s No. 1 Street Fighter tournament, the CAPCOM CUP 2019 (December 13-15, 2019)
The special match starts at 1:00PM on the 15th※time may change ※Pacific Standard Time

  • Pro players will hold a special match at the Capcom Cup where participants will fight for a Pocky K.O.
  • The special match will be shown live worldwide through Capcom’s official Twitch & Youtube.
  • The Pocky Edition will be playable for attendees!

#PockyKO Campaign

Tweet a video of your Pocky K.O. using #PockyKO
11 Pocky K.O. gameplay clips will be selected at random to be displayed on the CAPCOM CUP 2019 main stage!

Click here for details

Important Notice

How to check if your Pocky K.O. is eligible

To see if you’ve earned a Pocky K.O.,
Upload a screenshot or a photo of your K.O. screen!

Capture the screenshot just after “K.O.” disappears for best results!
Images without “K.O.” are the best for showing the “Pocky K.O.” logo.