About Pocky

Chocolate Biscuit Stick & Tasty

Exquisite balance of stick-shaped crisp pretzel and beautiful coating of high quality and creamy chocolate harmonized into a tasty chocolate biscuit stick. This secret of the taste is why I cannot stop eating Pocky.


With Pocky's stylish design, snacking never looked so cool!
The perfect addition to a lively party or for just hanging out with friends.

*Snap* for Joy!

The onomatopoeic snapping sound when you eat Pocky is the origin of its name. The rhythmic snapping sound- pokkin pokkin- brings joy and excitement which will make you eat Pocky one after another and never stop!


Whether satisfying your craving by yourself or sharing the good times with friends, one compact, easy-to-carry package holds plentiful amounts of Pocky.